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ShAnnie, Woody Eastman & Jake Martin

Fredericksburg has a real cool music community - full of talented, fun folks like our friends Shan & Annie & Woody & Jake. Good songwriting & performing runs deep here. Welcome back to town.

Friday - 1pm


John Arthur Martinez & Mike & Annie Blakely

Two of the hill country’s best songwriters, and another wonderful local songbird. We were introduced to JAM while we were still in Nashville, when he burst into the collective consciousness on “Nashville Star.” We felt real lucky to get to know him when we came home. The Blakelys live near here, too, and I consider Mike to be the “poet laureate of the hill country,” and one of the most crazy-talented folks I’ve ever known.

Friday - 2:20pm


Chad Richard

Like when Bill Small heard Chad sing the first time: “You country soul-singing son of a ….” Well… the point was that this humble dude from the Sabine River blew us away. He hasn’t stopped. His songs are up to his voice. He’s been featured on the tv series “Texas Music Scene,” and keeps expanding his orbit, all over TX & LA.

Friday - 3:30pm


Jed Zimmerman & Jimmy Coup

Jed is one of the special songwriters who can make you laugh, ponder & tear up in the same breath. Magical stuff. Jimmy Coup has become family, starting with meeting him in a pub in Dublin. Though a life-long gypsy, he has a home amongst us now. These two have become friends, and while I have no idea what they’ll do, I know I’ll dig it & smile a lot.

Friday - 4:30pm


Johnny Nicholas

Mr Nicholas is the coolest guy anywhere he goes - He travels the world, spreading true roots music, great songs & good vibrations. Katie Shore is a local here now, too. Her job? Fiddle player for Asleep at the Wheel. Yep. The Wheel. And she writes & sings like the hill country angel she is. Dig this duo made in this heaven of these hills & rivers.

Friday - 5:45pm

Red River Songwriters.jpg

Red River Songwriters

RRS is a musical home & family to me, a gypsy wagon I’ll play with anywhere, forever. Kelley, Susan, Drew & Josh (in order of height) are among the soulfullest & best people I know. Great songs & great times whenever we’re together. And: A great festival as our anchor, the last weekend of January in Red River, NM.

Friday - 7:00pm


Michael Hearne & Tommy Alverson

Role models. Legit badasses. Beautiful spirits & players & singers & songwriters. I’d soon as listen to Michael &/or Tommy than just about anyone. And their respective festivals inspired our little gathering here. I don’t know what I owe them for that alone, but I’m sure I can’t afford it. Yes: I’m aware that this pairing makes me look very, very cool.

Friday - 8:45pm


Bill Small, Ron Flynt & Larry Seaman

My fellow Mystiquero & right hand brother (who stood to my left) for 14 years, my partner in production & great teacher in life, AND my very first musical inspiration, playing together. Each with deep cred, beautiful voices, and songs to inspire. A dream team of accomplished, seasoned, well-traveled songmen.

Saturday  - 1:00pm


The Tina Mitchell Wilkins Show

A singer’s singer with a drop-dead smile. Beautiful & intelligent. Funny as hell. And: a lovely, natural Mama who is sweet to everyone. Maybe should have been famous, but also maybe too smart to enjoy such trifles. Also: makes a good, tall drink when asked. Her set is always a highlight.

Saturday - 2:20pm


Corby Schaub, Ben Jones & Chris Beall

There was this set, just before the lockdown, at The Saxon Pub, when 3 of the very BEST guitar/songwriter guys (including a Mystiquero) in one of the coolest venues in one of the entire planet’s best music cities filled in for the regular front guys of The Resentments. I heard from everyone involved that it was magical; the kind of night you never forget. While not trying to recreate anything, I did want to use this chance to get these 3 friends of mine together again. You’re welcome.

Saturday - 3:40pm


Courtney Patton & Max & Heather Stalling

Courtney is one of the best singers in the universe, and her songs just might tear you apart. She’s also a vibrant spirit who makes every room more alive. Max is a real songwriter with an uncanny eye for the human condition, for characters, for the truth. Heather is his partner, who also happens to be one of the fiddle kings of Texas, and an uncommonly cool harmony singer. I’m grateful we’ve become friends. Along with Kelley Mickwee, Josh Grider &. Drew Kennedy - Courtney, Max & Heather have been part of Sequestered Songwriters Series, one of the coolest things to come out of this season of Covid & its attending troubles.

Saturday  - 5:10pm


The Gimbles Swing Combo

Brother Dick Gimble is my friend of some 30 years, who is also an insanely talented musician who has influenced the lives of countless musicians.
His daughter Emily is a golden light, who was the Texas Musician of the year just last year. Along with Michael Archer & Wes Westmoreland, I can assure you, there is no Truer or better real Texas music being played anywhere tonight.

Saturday - 6:45pm

Screen Shot 2021-05-12 at 9.54.42 AM.png

Walt Wilkins Band & Friends!

Well.. you never know who will show up for Walt's set!   The namesake of Waltstock & Barrel, WW is the benevolent leader of this fun tribe.  Showcasing his new CD, Pedernales, his set promises to leave you filled with joy and wonder.  (10th solo record, 16 total!!)   A Hill Country Treasure, y'all.  That's Walt Wilkins. 

Saturday - 8:30pm

Marian Brackney 1.jpg

Special Guest: Marian Brackney

A classically trained violin-playing angel, Marian is joining us at Waltstock once again, to our great pleasure. She will hop on stage.. and make things a little sweeter, as she always does. She has a heart as big as her talent, and we are most grateful that she is here.

In Memoriam

We will miss you dearly at Waltstock & Barrel.  We hope you are all dancing and celebrating with the angels.  


Sandy Hamilton

Pharaby Wilson

Savannah Kinchen

Clay Wilkins

Bill Worrell

Leann Oliver

Bobby Camp

...and to all we loved and lost this year.  

Thank you all for joining us!

We are so very grateful for you.