Virtual Attendees Q & A

How do I purchase tickets?

Purchase tickets to the live, online streaming event here!  This is a virtual, streaming concert. Unfortunately, this year, there are no tickets available for the extremely limited in-person event. We are unable to  sell tickets at the venue - but we’d love to have you join us from your living room!

How do I attend a Virtual Festival? 

• After you purchase your tickets here, you will be emailed a private link to view the live festival. On the day of the festival - click your link and voila! You’ll join hundreds of your friends watching live!

• Use the link to watch and listen to the festival right from the comfort of your living room or man cave TV - or on the go on your mobile phone, tablet, or computer. You’ll want to have a broadband connection - you know, like you’d need to stream Amazon or Netflix - that type of internet - but you’ll also be able to watch it using your wifi on your phone! It’ll be easier than logging into Zoom!


• The concert video will be broadcast using the Go Passage streaming platform. You do not need a special software - just a decent internet browser like Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.


Watching on a Computer or Tablet

• Please first click on the link from the email that was sent to you and the video will open in your browser.

• Then, please click on the Full Screen mode icon and then on the PLAY button and enjoy the concert.


Watching on a Smart TV

• Watch on your Smart TV using a web browser.  Just bring up your Smart TV’s browser and type the link from the email into the URL address bar; and you’ll be able to enter the broadcast by clicking the “join the virtual event” button.


How can I gift a ticket?

Easy! Here’s some information to guide you through the process. 


How do I redeem a gifted ticket?

If you receive a ticket as a gift, please click on the link in the email that you’ll receive with your gift. You’ll create an account, and from there, easily be able to see and redeem your ticket.

If you have further questions, please reach out to us at waltstock@redsuncreative.com - See you at the show!!!

In-Person Attendees Q & A

Are there reserved seats for the small, limited audience attending the event?

No reserved seating at the venue.
Table Seating ~ Mindfully Spaced
*Friends who need special accommodations, we will most definitely provide.

What can in-person attendees bring to the festival?
- A safe mindset
- A socially distant radius
- A kind spirit & great attitude for people coming together for the first time in a year.
- Great food and drinks will be sold on site. No outside food, drinks or coolers, please.
- No weapons
- No pets this year. Because it’s a fancy place.
- No drama.
- Please be mindful of other people’s comfort zone. We will have abundant outdoor space, with video monitors, if one desires to be away from the crowd.

- This is NOT a BYOB event.  State Law, y'all.  

What about parking?

We have abundant parking on site.



If you have any additional questions for us, please send an email to waltstock@redsuncreative.com

This is a live virtual event - unfortunately, there are no longer any in-person tickets.